About us

Our DICKTATOR underwear are the game changing underwear we've been developing and refining for a long time. They come in a premium quality cotton fabric engineered with a perfect fit.


                               What makes DICKTATOR so unique?

1. The waist is reformed with durable material. It has mulitpe layers, even when being washed the waist stays strong in the build. Ultimately, our mission was to create a perfect waist, were the wave band remains unfazed.

2. We also adjusted the pipelines, and payed more attention to the binding tapes.The elastic is off top notch quality which creates the boxer to never crawl up and fits perfectly.

3. We also focussed on the cross and maintained the sustainability of the boxers. Normally the wear gets out dated after a while but in this case it's protected with double layers. 

4.What makes DICKTATOR a perfect fit? For starters, from the pipeline to the waist, all is set up to be very elastic and comfortable. We made sure that everything in between is very lose and ofcourse satisfying.